Saturday, April 22, 2006

Going Back in Time

I have a few story lines that are dependant on the date. I also have some things I wanted to do but didn't have the time, because of the schedule of the comic and the fact things had to progress because of the date dependant story line. The solution to the problem is to cheat. I will do what I can to keep the Sunday updates, but I will also start going back and inserting strips into the story line archives when I have the extra time to do that.

This is one of the advantages of working in a digital media.

Comic 20060423

My mother the Pimp. Here is young Sarah, not too young, mind you, getting ready to pay the rent. Sarah's mother wasn't drawn that way for a reason, but there is a reason why I kept it like that.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Comic 20060416

Not an Easter Comic. I had a little comic sketched out for Easter. I'll have it done by next Easter if it still relates to the comic by then. /That's/ working ahead.

Not so many details in highlighting and shading. I still took way too long to put it together.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Comic 20060409

More real world problems. Again trying to figure out the real from the fantastic and the horror from the comedy. I'm not sure where this little arc is going to end.

This is the first full on graphics tablet episode. I did the basic sketch layout and ink on paper, but then practically redrew the whole thing on the computer. The middle panel of Shub is a photo-reference of my wife. The office building /sort of/ looks like one near me.

Comic 20060402

A quick comic done with the graphire and photo-references of my wife in our car. I regret the speed lines outside of the side window, but the way I had things layered I didn't have time to fix them.

This is mostly cheat. I cut the photos up and drew diretly over them.

Comic 20060401

First day with the Wacom. I found a graphire 4x5 for around $50. Since I was keeping to my wide schedule I thought I deserved to get something to make things easier.

The art itself was just a experiment in perspective. The graphics tablet made it much easier to move lines and change shading to try and get the look correct. It came closer than it would have otherwise.

Comic 20060326

The action is .. stiff. For this and a few others I scanned in a basic inked lined art, cleaned it up a little then printed two b&w copies. One I continued inking, adding some crosshatching. The other I colored with colored pencils. I scanned both back into the computer then overlay the lines over the colors. The process worked fairly quickly but I lost a lot of the line dynamics with all the processing.

Comic 20060319

This is one of the first things I put together for this project. The actual germ for this mini-arc won't be visible for a while. This and a few others were drawn on cardboard with an indelible marker.

Comic 20060317

Sometimes I get frustrated at work. Most of the time it is good exercise and I like to hang out with a lot of the people there. It gets me out of the house. But, sometimes it can be very stupid.

Comic 20060312

Some more cut and paste cheating and some strange vertical lines. I think the Archiver's comment says it all. These are powerful beings and there is no reason they souldn't know about the basics of the world in which they are living.

Comic 20060310

A poorly drawn, pointless comic. A good wrap up to the first day at school with a little cannibalism shoutout at the end. I threw this together; copy and paste is my friend.

Comic 20060305

A poorly drawn racist comic. Er, not racist, but with racial commentary. It is more than likely something that is more understandable in a rural community that doesn't see very much outside blood. I will not make an obvious inbeeding comment here.

Comic 20060226

The First 'full page' comic was a pain. I struggled through it and didn't have time to get it done the way I wanted. I took on a little too much at once in the limited amount of time I had to finish it.

This is Sarah's introduction. She is worldly wise, which is good, except that her world is fairly small. I have things planned for Roland also. But I don't know how much character developement or back story I will be able to do for him.

Comic 20060219

Mabel's first appearance. I make note of it now because I have big things planned for the her. She is more than any character so far a direct descendant (literally) from my beloved Call of Cthulhu campaign.

Comic 20060212

A computer colored comic. I think with this set I started thinking about getting a graphics tablet. Again the dualism between horror and comedy. Having the Archiver's quotes helps out in this. The strip may be humorous or off center, but the comments remain serious.

Comic 20060208

A scanned pencil colored comic. This starts the ongoing dynamic and problem between 'evil' and 'funny' and how much I want them to get away with things in the real world setting.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Comic 20060205

This was the 'test' comic for Comic Genesis. It was done on the spot. There is an interesting orgin story that will be revealed as time goes by.