Saturday, July 29, 2006

Comic 20060730

Tools of industry in the bedroom. Heh, I was having trouble with the inuendo in the last panel with how to hint coyly about what was going on. My wife suggested a complete lack of subtlety.

This is a break away in the 'action' of the four chit chatting away in the garden forest to action of a different kind.

I've been working a bit with a quill pen and ink. I was having a wee bit of trouble with them until I found out I could sand the tip down a bit by 'writing' with it on sandpaper to smooth it out a bit for my drawing angle. It worked fine until I did it again and I think i altered it too much as I'm having a bit of problem with ink flow now. Now i just need a less bleedy paper stock.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Webcomic Battle 05

Another trek into Webcomic Battle. This time it is with a comic drawn by Alex Whitington who heeded my call for artists to help me along. One of the reasons I was going to battle this one is this comic will have to wait a week or so before it will fit into the update schedule, so it is a sneak preview of sorts.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Comic 20060723

The path marker. For those of you that were young when I was young may remember the children's show Land of the lost If you do then you should know the path markers are the great grandson of the pylons sp? from that show. If you do not know or remember the show you are stupid and small and maybe you should be reading a comic about smurfs, but you mostly likely don't know what those are either.

I'm at this moment slightly hungover from a class reunion. I was slightly drunk last night when uploading the comic so this blog entry and thunbnails are a little late.

The pace is slowly picking up. I have to be careful to make sure the setting is in place before I get to the fast stuff. There are a few good things around the corner.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Webcomic Battle 04

I just so happened to have another comic unrelated to Cutethulhu sitting around waiting to be finished. So i did the final details to everything and submitted it into Webcomic Battle. My entry is Aunt Jenny.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Comic 20060715

Roger, Roger. What's your vector, Victor? The gate was put together using the nifty and free vector graphics program called Inkscape. It was fun to fiddle with, and I can easily resize and reuse the gate in some other things later. I've the next two strips sketched and I might get a midweek update in this arc. I've the whole chapter plotted out to some 20+ pages, I hopefully will be able to thin a few things down cause I don't want to be drawing on this for the next 5 months.

edit: Only now do I realize that July 15 is Saturday and not Sunday. Now I feel strangle obligated to put something up sometime today.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Comic 20060621

Parrots are funny !

I had some thoughts that came out as this page. It is not exactly what I intended. This is more of a stream of thought sort of thing. I think the original idea was much simpler, but this is what came out.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Re-Sorting Notification

I'm going to have to move some of the comics in the archives around to make room for 1 small story arc and slide one missplaced comic to a different date. With one or the other I wouldn't have bothered, but both are placed in the same time frame from the point of view of the archives so I think it will be easier to take care of it now. by 'now' I mean whenever I get time to do it.

I just inked out a 4 page story arc that occurs not to long after the start of the comic. It is extraneous and is very naughty too. Since this is supposed to be an adult/mature camoic and I haven't jumped to far out of the realm of high school drama and into adult horror I figured I better push this one to the top. It will still have to ride behind getting the current updates up.

What is interesting about the medium is that I can work from both directions timewise. I try to keep a coherent thread going through the weekly updates but it is fun to go back and flesh out an add things into the archives, keeping in mind the final goal of the entire story. There are a few sub-plots that I won't do at all unless I find an artist.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Comic 20060709

Excitement in Cutethulhu's Backyard. Well, some exciting talking. Another I spent far too much time on without it showing. I'm getting slightly better at organizing the layers, but I still had a few stops and starts. I had a few non-internet related things going on that kept me from working on this during the week.

The story progresses. Roland and Mable seem to be the only ones with any real world sense. Q2 hasn't done much of anything. But, we will see a little bit of her coming into her own. The group here are the core people we will be following for a while.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Comic 20060215

Shepherds Pie. There is a story behind this comic. I had a entry in Webcomic Battle. I lost my third round to this comic from Toy Division whose creator said something like 'I thought yours was funnier, people just like blondes in aprons' in the CG Forums.

From there I couldn't stop myself. The joke itself is somewhat stale I think, I was trying to think of something better the entire time I was drawing it. My wife came up with the shepherds pie seed. The answer to his internal question is 3/8's .. I think.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Comic 20060702

How to Ask. A little more finished than usual for me recently. There are still a few things that I wanted to work on in this, but the story must move at pace.

I'm starting to find a style. It is not one I'm particularly happy with, but it gets the story across in the amount of time I have available, I am leaving entire subplots out for now. There are two other stories that are supposed to be happening alongside this one. One involving Roland's lab partner Marla and another centering on Cthulhu's work life at the university. Plus a couple three gags. Alas, some stories may go untold.

Webcomic Battle 02

I couldn't resist entering into the Webcomic Battle again. I used a comic from Cutethulhu this time and it is doing much better than getting trounced on its first run. So Public Pool is now battling. You can see how its battle page here.