Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Comic 20060527

Grandmother's House One run later to Granny Jenkin's house. I left this oe a little rough. I was going to shade it a bit, but I was really concentrating on how much dialog I could squeeze into the thing without it being prose.

A little bit of forshadowing. We will meet Dr. Pef eventually and that will be when we do a little background on Marla. For a somebody starting as a second tier character she has a pretty interesing arc . I think the next one out of the batch of scans is a big Secret Garden page.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Comic 20060526

Not Free. Moving right along. Now Marla is trapped by LLXL. I'd like to mention again that Marla started out only as a gag-a-day foil for Roland in Biology. but the more I set up or tried to write gags for them the more I though about what I could do with her in the story. She has a more solo comics over the stretch of the summer. Then one plotted with Mary. I may put some of those at Comic Space depending on how much room I have for things.

The next couple of comics I'm planning on are a continuation in Marla's plot and the Secret Garden story. Time will tell.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Comic 20060801

Bad Bellies are Baaaad!. Fianlly another page that has been hanging over me for a while is done. QT is pciking up a little, Mabel is a little flakey and Roland looks like a tasty treat. It took a while to piece this together. There are a couple spans from frame to frame which are weaker than usual. I had to rewrite some bad dialog and what I ended up with in the space I had wasn't much better. I think the next page, at least the prescan stuff, is pretty cool.

As a side note. My linux distribution does not have drivers for my offbrand scanner So I have to reboot to windows to scan stuff, Shitty Windows is shitty.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

ComicSpace 20060423

Top Hat Is someplace a little different. With trying to keep the archive calendar in time with the comic calendar I'm always trying to squeeze things in. I've had a account at Comic Space fo a little bit and decided to use the gallery feature there to place little side stories. This episode is one of those and so far I like the idea. I still need to work out a few linking things back and forth to the Comic Space comic, but overall this is how in will be. THe www.cutethulhu site will hold the base structure of the comic while the Comic Space gallery will hold extra stuff. javascript:void(0)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Comic 20060418

Mabel Training DId this in sort of another way, I like the look of the artifact black when I processed the line art. More of a old (40 years) printed comic book style. I didn't care for the filled background .. but I was running out of time, as always.

This comic marks a transition from using WindowsXP to Ubuntu. Honestly, all the software I used is Windows builds of open source that were mostly developed by the Linux community anyways, Verb tense me Things will be going a little more slowly, I can't use my scanner in Linux .. and I have to do some complicated things to get my tablet installled completely. SO I have to jump back and forth from WindowsXP to scan.