Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Comic 20100331

I'd been working on the page as much as I could since the 26th. This should be a fun dirty aside sort of story. Maybe a few more pages. This particular one was inspired by wanting to do something a bit harsh and a little one panel about QT catching birds using traps instead of sticks. Birdbox

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, Something I'd been thinking about doing for a bit of time now is hooking up to Oh No Robot and transcribing the comics into scripts. The nice thing is that anybody can pitch in and do these. I did one to see how it works and it is about as easy as it gets. Transcription Archives

Monday, March 29, 2010

Comic 20100329

This comic comes from a variety of sources that it would be silly to go into. In general some comments were made about a 3 pound block of Amish butter. I did not make this animation. This little flash animation was made by one of my kids. Just note, I'm careful to keep them away from the adult stuff I write and draw. Butter

He's been working a lot on Flash game mods and some of his own animations so I gave him a little layout thumbnail to interpret into a hybrid slide show animation.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


spent eight hours or so burning, chainsawing and dragging wood around the empty lot. This is one of two big fires we had. By the time we were done I was very tired. I spent the whole time out with various family members coming and going.

What is actually pictured here was about 1/20 of brush and wood we went through. I cut down 2 50' trees and we burnt most of them also. We still have deadfall from the snowstorms in two yard lots to cut and burn.

This is why there is no comic update today. My little fingers were achy.

I'm going shoe shopping with the family today but I hope to finish something.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Comic 20100326

This was just a partial page until a few minutes ago. I had a small productive streak and finished the rest of the page. Originally only the first two panels were in the update so, this page has two beats. Saved Seat 2. Marla's chest looks a little bigger than intended in the reveal.

Spent some time moving furniture and painting today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Intro Images

I had a picture block of text on the main page intended to provide a sort of content warning for the comic. The image itself had too large of a file size and having the same one over time seemed sort of boring. So I whipped together a tiny javascript to random select from different warning message images. I only have two at the moment but I'm going to make a few more of different types.

Comic 20100324

This took longer than usual for how it turned out. I wanted it to have a bit more polish but I didn't have the sit-down time to do that. Saved Seat. This is a page that has been a long time coming. I've laid it out in a dozen different ways with different dialog and outcomes. I've a few simpler pages after this, just talking heads mostly, to set up some of the next stories.

I really going to have to sit down and systematically work on several aspects of my drawing.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Comic 20100322

Not originally intended as an update and a bit of poor anatomy School Tomorrow 2. We see Marla on first day eve.

The very loose sketch I had for this pose looked fairly nice, but cleaning it up revealed some scale and anatomy problems that I tried to fix. This picture was originally intended as a second character profile picture.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comic 20100321

This is not the comic I was planning on for today, but you will never know. Chinese Buffet.

About an hour sketching something out that I had a few naughty thoughts about the last time we ate at our local Chinese Buffet. I have a few takes on this but this is what came out. Some with a bit of guro and some with a bit of dialog and Shub. I may revisit it later.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Navigation Fixes

Seems I made a few mistakes on the story navigation javascript. One place it skipped to the wrong page and another to a page that didn't exist. They are fixed now.

I also added a picture on the Character's Page. I'm going to concentrate on getting these support things worked on a little bit more, though few people actually visit them.

I'm desperately hoping to have a page done for tomorrow, but I spent the morning wiring and chainsawing and I'm rather physically tired. Maybe a quick nap after supper will help.

I'm throwing around ideas for a blog that allows threaded comments or using a forums or mirroring the comic at an art community website, like deviantart. Though the comic is a little too racy for them. Or moving my hosting from CG and using wordpress w/ comic plugin. I'd be happy with any suggestions.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Comic 20100319

I'm happy with how these last pages turned out. They are not the best art, but the layouts aren't too shabby and they were all done purely digitally and each was put together relatively quickly, a couple hours for each of the full pages. I did do some thumbnail layouts on the pages to make sure I had room to cover what I wanted to but I didn't use them directly. Old Electric 3

This last Old Electric page I decided to hand letter. Using a font is so much neater, but doesn't have much character and I thought this had enough turmoil for Ms Pennytree that hand lettering would bring that out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comic 20100317

It is St Patrick's Day. I do not have a St. Patrick's Day themed comic for you. I'm just continueing on with Professor Riley and Ms. Pennytree.
Old Electric 2

edit: Old Electric 2.5 A quick sketch to help the transition to the next page. So shoddy it doesn't need it's own post.

Our St Patrick's Day tradition is to tell a bunch of Irish jokes and watch this a lot.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

todays excuse

My hosting company sent my invoices to an old email address. This is not their fault. I forgot to change my contact emails. So I was suspended for a day from some domains that support cutethulhu. oops.

Did some wiring this morning, shopping this afternoon, and work this evening. Will try to finish tomorrow's comic in the morning before we go out.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Comic 20100315

In the planning stage this was a one page comic, now it looks like it will be two or three Old Electric.

I'm starting to rewire my father-in-law's garage this week, at least until I find what is blowing his fuses. I'm not sure how much time this will take. I'm actually only sorting the wiring and adding a dew things, not tearing everything out and starting from scratch.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Comic 20100311

I hate posting a days comic so late during that day (feh, by now it is almost tomorrow). This second meeting between Mary and Marla was something I wasn't sure I was going to show. Marla and Mary Again 3

Originally, and now I think I think more correctly, I was going to have Marla's reveal with her achieved body and without LLXL be the first time Roland sees her in school. After Tim <3 Marla she was to be off camera with this second meeting with Mary told as exposition.

On the other hand, I think my story is linearly distorted in presentation enough without adding flashbacks. The way it is currently only lessens the impact of that one page which would be us seeing Marla for the first time with Roland.

1+ more pages of this then to pick up some other hanging plot thread.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thursdays Comic

Turns out it is borough meeting night tonight and a very early morning tomorrow. I've got this thing started colored. But it will take more time than I have at hand to get it posted for the automatic update. When I get home from work tomorrow, or more likely after I get home and take a quick nap and supper I'll finish this up.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Comic 20100311-preview

A second pass lines preview of Thursday's comic. You can see the layout lines in gray-blue underneath. I'm planning to have enough time to get this done tomorrow for the 11th. I may throw up a few sketches tomorrow too.

Comic 20100309

This is something I had sitting in the old notebook. Marla's involvement and chance meeting with another jogger is incidental. This is based on a wildly inaccurate understanding of song lyrics. Eye of the Diaper. I've embellished this true story only slightly.

There is a more awesome true story from the same source which I feel I'm not competent enough to draw yet.

I will be getting back to a storyline soon.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Comic 20100308

A little comic with our chronicler Tom. Another quick and dirty lined page. Another case where I was happy with the dialog and there wasn't much that was visually dependent. Tom always draws himself poorly anyways.

The challenge was where to drop this page. It is sort of timeless in the arc of the stories. It could be put about anywhere since Tom doesn't interact with anybody else in a more than superficial way. I decided to just stick it at the end slush pile.

I realize that I have several little series left hanging. Like Marla and Mary, The start of the school year, the wet t-shirt contest, Mary talking to James, and likely a few others. I'm getting to them. Some of the ones I want to take a little more time with, others I have to figure out exactly who they should be resolved.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

A Day Out

Spent the day out with the family. I have a sketch done for a page, but my eyes are crossing I'm so tired. I thought to post a couple little quick pics I'd fooled around with this week.

Each of these took about ten minutes, and it shows. I think I posted the naughtier one somewhere. I'm starting to loose track of things like that.

Comic 20100306

This is something that came up over our evening meal. It was this for a comic or 'The Tell-Tale Fart' Edgar Allan Po.

I should note that I used a picture to help draw out Edgar a bit. The same with the Teletubbies. Other than that this page went quickly and I think the layout of the dialog is better than usual.

I've seemed to have drifted from QT in the recent story arcs. So as I finish them up I'm going to be working more on her own arcs. It is her comic.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Comic 20100301-redux

Here is the complete page that started with Filling the Pool 3. I say 'yay' for sexy red underwear.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Comic 20100304

Scanned right from the comp book sketch. Except for the little bit of color pencil this is usually what a page looks at about a second draft. The next stage would be to either redraw it on regular paper then scan it it or start drawing it purely digitally using this draft a guide. The lettering was readable and there wasn't much going on except talking so here this is Mary Letting Go. In a finished work Jason Wu's last panel would have been worded differently. I have to continue this page with another or a set of panels to catch somethings I couldn't fit in here.

I'm trying not to make a habit of this level of work, but time always seems to be in short supply. It is grocery and Dr. appointment day today.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Comic 20100301

Fairly short little page. I have 3 more of these two framers to fiddle with. I will use a heavier pen when inking the others. Filling the Pool 3 and Filling the Pool 3b and Filling the Pool 3c.