Thursday, September 30, 2010

Comic 20100930

Out to the woods again. Al Steps out. Al has gone from the wickedest snowman in the world to the wickedest zombie-golem thing.

In the county there are a lot of valleys with lost acreage, places just off the road or beyond a steep hill, where nobody goes on purpose. Miller's Woods holds many of these places.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bluethulhu 1976

Doing a little goofing around. Still trying to figure out an update for tomorrow.

Comic 20100929

Macfarlene Homestead is the last of this set. We've seen the inside of Sarah's non-mobile mobile home Here, but not yet.

I did a few thumbnails for Marla and Roland that I hope to have for the next update.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Character Quiz

I also did a little work on the Character Quiz with a lot more work left to go. The result picture for Marla and Professor Riley have been worked on a little and some questions and the results have been tweaked a bit also. I plan on reformatting the questions and answers, pick a final set of questions and answers, then go from there.

Comic 20100928

This update and yesterdays were a bit too choppy feeling Behind This Door. I've a bigger update tomorrow. Still working on a few incentives. Some appointments and other things nearly everyday this week.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Comic 20100927

A little stiff dialog if taken out of context. Old Murders. These several pages are fairly simple and went quickly. I've worked ahead a bit so there should be updates into the middle of the week.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Comic 20100926

I colored this a little differently Sarah Gets a Ride. A bit of a shorter page. The full page had two beats in it so I thought I would split it up. Going to throw in some house history if I can remember it correctly.

I'm interested in showing Sarah's character some more. I feel she has a duality that I hope I can portray. I'm pretty sure this will be the first time a person has entered the Riley household with being killed or maimed or the first time without being killed and maimed.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comic 20100925

Here it is. It hinted around that Sarah is a bit 'loose' sexually and Half Off is sort of the proof we've been waiting for. Sarah has no qualms about turning letting sex be a for profit activity.

The little arc starting with Mother the Pimp sort of skirted around the subject and ultimately showed Sarah in a less whorish light.

I may be able to maintain a more vibrant update schedule if I can break away from the full page writing format and updates down into 4 or less panels. Regardless of what I do there will be less from me from here on out as I get my finances in order.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Comic 20100924

Marla does a little work here in Marla Cleans Up. I spent two days this summer doing this very same chore. Thought I would share.

Tomorrow starts am emotionally taxing weekend which I will likely get no comic work done. I have errands in the morning Friday, class that evening and a very important test Saturday evening. Sunday I will either be happily relieved or upset and pissy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Comic 20100924 - wip

Three progress images for the comic tomorrow. If I had more time I'd clean a few more things up.

Comic 20100923

This one I did fairly quickly, which is obvious. Intelligent design. I wanted to do something a little more for the last panel, something less cliche, but the few things I thought about wouldn't fit in one panel. There are plenty of victims out there, so maybe next time.

I hope to start on a Marla page today, picking up from Marla Walks Roland. I dunno, I finished a composition book of sketches and page ideas, I may try to glean something from it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Comic 20100922

Haha Thought Woman In Red was forgotten? Or the Wickedest Snowman in the World? Well they have a role to play later in the big picture. I'm not entirely happy with the wormy things in the body on the table. Yes that is Gary's body dug out and screwed at his shallow grave at Big Date IX.

I was hoping to make up a day but fell a day behind. Went apple picking for a few hours yesterday along with some other errands and lost some time.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Comic 20100920

We are plodding along with Marla Walks Roland. On the upside we may get to see Marla in her underwears in a few pages. Looking at the archives less than a 24 hour period has 21 updates spanning 4 years. I have more to cram in here too.

Usually, I'd wait and have this update tomorrow and skip today but there is a chance I can get caught up.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Comic 20100919

Did we see this joke yesterday? Drag Racing 2. When looking at the 'drag racing' joke I really wasn't sure which way to go with it. So, I did both.

I do not know what Shub is doing in the front hallway naked. Being a good wife is my best guess.

Likely not going to be an update Monday as I've a busy weekend. I will try to post something though. I did just finish laying a page out, so it may depend on my time and how detailed I want it to look. It is more of that silly drama stuff though.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Comic 20100918

Not the most original joke in the world but I submit it humbly and with feeling. Drag Racing.

My free time is sketchy this weekend. I do have updates ready but I'm not sure how things will look for Monday. I'm going to get back to some incentive work and my Character Quiz.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Comic 20100917

Mary Reflects on the love talk from marla in Marla Gets Company 5. We see Mary have a bit of a breakdown. Again, it is fun to play around the edges of a story.

Your ideas of what Mary is about is likely better than what I will eventually present.

I almost didn't get this updated. I had this page done a day ahead of schedule but after a brief t-storm and a 30 second power outage my internet was down. It is all better now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Comic 20100916

I was going to get into something different today but this popped into my head as something fun to do. C.F.F.F.R. This took up most of my comic work time and it /was/ fun to do. I adore poor Mrs. Pennytree so I'm sure we will be seeing more of her also.

*The frame was made in commemoration of McLean Stevenson'd Henry Blake.

I'm going to be cleaning up my work files and scans and all that crap this evening so I may be making some scrap / and preview posts.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Comic 20100915

Very sleepy with Marla Gets Company 5 I fought a bit with Marla's dialog here. this is sort of a big moment for her and I wanted it to be right. I might have a little more happen with her this night.

I'll be moving on into some new things in the next few updates. I've a wet t-shirt contest and an end of summer block party sort of thing. I have been dutifully spending my free time on incentive pieces and the Character Quiz. Today I added a new question, restructured an old one and updated one of the result images a little.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Comic 20100914

A little bit of a late update today. I was going to skip but I threw this together Marla Gets Company 4. I'm not really happy with Marla's face here. She doesn't look as jolly as I intended .. but considering the circumstances I didn't really want her to look maniacal either.

I did a little tweaking to the Character Quiz. It is still in rough shape though.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Character Quiz Gamma

I made one of these years ago for Dungeons and Dragons characters and thought it would be fun to do the some for the QT regulars. Character Quiz asks some questions, does some math, and tells you which character best fits. You can answer the questions about yourself to see which QT character your most like or try to 'unlock' the different character picks by answering as that character.

This is in a very early stage. You can see there are questions missing, questions under-explained, and the tallying side has sections missing also. The results images are very quick sketches that I will improve on as I work on the quiz.

What I will be working on is criteria of the characters, simplifying questions, and the presentation. Once I get it to a more attractive and accurate stage I'll link up to it in the menus.

Comic 20100913

Jajajaj one more or of these ones to go Marla Gets Company 3. A stalled out day today. Didn't get very much done except for this comic page.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Comic 20100912

Another last minute update. I got a few minutes further along with the foreground but skimped on the background. Mother's Nose.

I placed this way back towards the beginning because the 'cold' is a winter ailment and I hadn't really gotten into the second winter in the comic. I also should mention that the last frame Roland is supposed to have two noses .. on purpose. With the haphazard way I draw things I was thinking that some might believe is was a overlooked mistake.

My side project is in a gamma/beta stage of development. Once I figure out where I'm putting it I'll have it up tomorrow. Having to figure out where I'm going to upload a php script is one of the reasons I keep coming back to maybe hosting my comic someplace else.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Comic 20100911

A 15 minute page is gracing the comic today at Marla Gets Company 2. It seems that since Mary and Marla last met in Marla and Mary Again 3 Marla has a few new moves. In the timeline it has only been 10 days but it is about quality not quantity.

This is typically how a comic page starts out for me. I have a rough idea and a thumbnail in a comp book with some dialog. Then, I rough sketch, then rough in the layers. Here we have layers from top to bottom. Letters, Frames, Lines, Color, Bglines, background. This is where I stopped today.

I would clean and sketch and color and for this one add a shade layer and word balloons. Another hour or more of work, but I will be sleeping by then.

Spent a good bit of time beating my head against a side project and will be spending a most of the weekend working on different home projects.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Old Vote Incentive - New News

Doesn't look like there will be a regular update today so here is another another old vote incentive. I'm not sure exactly when I ran this one or on which voting site. This is a little updated with some shading thrown on top.

I have errands and other time consuming chores for a few days. I will be working on a few projects related to Cutethulhu, but I'm unclear when the next real update will be.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Comic 20100909

I just got a call, looks like Hiatus Man is coming around again, but for now we have Gunplay.

Will be working on an incentive piece later on. It got a bit involved so it will take time to finish. I also have another little art project I'm trying to get to also .. who knows what will get done? I sure don't.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Comic 20100908

Not a song by Aerosmith Granny's Got a Gun. (does that joke date me? it sure dates them ) So this is a small subplot that I was going to skip but I think I mentioned something about it in Saved Seat 3. So, I thought I better at least steer something in that direction. I needed a quick comic to put together too.

heh, I've also mentioned Roland's uncle Jack many times but none of you have seen him yet. I'm not sure why. I have a neat story involving him and the River God brewing.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Vote Incentive 20091200

Old vote incentive December 2009. I may have posted this elsewhere.

Comic 20100907

woo callback in Division of Labor to Tools of Industry Which was first put up 4 years ago .. but in terms of the story as it stand it is only 10 or so pages back.

I am working a bit on an incentive piece and I think I'm going to put up a small past incentive gallery someplace. I spend a bit more time doing an incentive p[iece than I do on regular updates and I would like to show them off a bit more.
... I am really aching to put a more versatile site together, but I'll have to wait.

Likewise, I looked at a few free forums and I don't think I am going that route.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Comic 20100906

Division of Labor jumps way back to the end of the Garden of Serenity Story. I also finally moved Deadline into a more proper place in the flow of events.

Also did some updates to the links page and fixed a few small errors that had creeped into the comic site.

I've been seriously thinking about having a forums with the site, or switching to wordpress, or doing a dozen other things.

I have not worked on my extra stuff for a vote incentive or anything like that, I did finish the page for the seventh. So, I will have a bit more time this evening and tomorrow to knock something out.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Comic 20100905

Poor ole Marla ,Marla Gets Company. Going to be making some good/evil/naughty/nice decisions about a few things coming up.

I've been trying to get some extra work/vote incentives worked on. I just did a sketch I hope to work on this evening and i have a few other stand-alone pieces in various stages. I'm looking for a art site to post a gallery. I've looked at a few but nothing seems to suit my level of skill, style type and subject matter.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Comic 20100904

Marla's new hobby Marla Works One Out. This whole part of the story is getting a little ahead of itself. I may have to rearrange things a little bit or think to move events around a little differently than I originally planned.

So here is Marla, obviously hooked on Roland. Mary knows it, Roland suspects. How will it all resolve? I have a few suspicions but I can't say for sure. SOme sides of some of the main characters are going to start showing that may be a little uncomfortable.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Comic 20100903

Not sure exactly if there is going to be one more page in this little series or not. I think I have another page of Roland and Mary scripted for this, but it is something that may be handled a little bit differently elsewhere. I may jump to something else while I think on it. Suprise Bedroom Guest 3

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Comic 20100902

Here is the next Suprise Bedroom Guest. Telling a story from two different directions is interesting to me. Some who have read through my comic may have a guess as to the nature of Mary's abilities, but not likely to their exact extent. It seems from the current point of view a somewhat preserved grandmother and a young Roland Link are having pan generational affair.

The truth is a little more bizarre than that and somewhat less disturbing. As we go back in the story and tell some more of Mary's relationship with Mable's parents and a few other people around town how this relationship sits in the grand story will be noticeably different.

So, I've mentioned before. As the story grows in both directions it will change in both directions.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Comic 20100901

This is half of the page I've been working on today. I will work on posting the full page. Suprise Bedroom Guest. Yes Roland is the victim of the booty call.