Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comic 20101223

Down to Downtown touched on something I've left out; The basic geography of Landing and the county it is in. Landing is lifted directly from my hometown and many of the places you've seen or will see are local to me. I will get into it a bit in the comic but for the this update all you need to know is Roland lives 'uptown' which is a generally flat area at the top of the valley hill. Marla lives at Hines's which is 'downtown'. The main street 'downtown' runs along the river with the old lockwall and a few run down industrial buildings, post office, a bank branch and the high school. The only road connecting upper and lower Landing directly is a narrow two lane about a 1/4 mile long with one side a step hill and the other a heavy retaining wall.

The graffiti on the wall Roland passes are some things I've seen on the real wall before.

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