Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Comic 20060628

I know what boys like. A wee bit of the anatomy of the town. You can see Roland's house from the library. As a side note, the library is more a reading room auxillary.

I stopped working on this one when I realized it wasn't looking any better to me. Though, I should have fixed Sarah's right arm. I did some shading and then I stopped. I've sundays almost done also, I'll be touching it up when I have some free moments. I'm trying to get them as finished as possible in the time I have while keeping my schedule. The extra things like lettering and framing are coming along much more quickly now, leaving a bit more room on coloring and shading. I really what to get this part of the story done by the end of July. I may have to skip episodes in the whole. The events covered only last a day are so, and I don't want to suck up the whole IRL summer with them.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Webcomic Battle 01

I'm on the battle today june 29! but, it doesn't look like I'm doing to hot. If you get a chance go vote. The Sad, Sad Results

I submitted this comic I put together rather quickly to Webcomic Battle. It was one of several that I could have adapted into Cutethulhu, but there is enough going on there now as it is. There were 3 or 4 related comics under this premise. I might do some more. This was sort of a lark, but I may make a more serious effort in the future. If you see it give it a vote.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Comic 20060625

Adventure ! In a library. So starts the longest story arc to date. One that I'm afraid I will not be able to do much finished art for. This very episode is rough drawn and rough colored. I had to color it a bit because the line work wasn't clear enopugh to tell what was going on, and the only thing that was going on is that Mable, Sarah, and Cutethulhu are talking in a library. That is how bad it is.

On the bright side I did make the update and the story /is/ starting now. I think it will be a fun ride and even if the art is a little thin in places. I'm trying to stay focused on the narative and character development. Though I have the feeling a few of my characters will refuse to develop at all.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Layout

The front page has a new layout and the whole site a new color scheme. With this update I added a rotating button that thumbnails and links a random comic. I've only a few put into the system, but I'll add a few each comic update when I add the latest comic. I few comics ago I added a thumbnail link to the latest uploaded comic.

The only problem I'm having in Firefox is the iframe for the tagboard and the iframe for the blog are being difficult. The sources were in each others iframe, and right now for me both iframes are showing the tagboard. Right now I can only think it is a javascript problem only because it is the one thing I'm not strong in. It seems to work correctly in Opera and sometimes after a refresh it works fine in firefox.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Comic 20060510

Library Smackdown. Again I spent far too much time with little result. I finally had to become satisfied with it. I think as of publishing this one all the relationships reveled so far are where they are supposed to be or near enough, for the next arc. The three girls are pals, which is most important. I've one more main character to bring into the active fold, which I will do at the beginning of the next set of comics.

Each line was done as a sperate picture. There are some slight differences in quality (if it matters between poor and very poor). It is getting a bit easier to put these together. My line art with the graphics tablet is still shakier than Id like and I didn't even start to shade and highlight this.

This coming update will either be filler, another small back issue like today or a sketch / script type. I had to work an extra day at one of my jobs and it has thrown me off more than I'd like.

Comic published out of sequence.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


I was surfing around last night when I found Weirdlings. The premise is a 'cthulhu next door sit-com' which I really like and they pull off well.

On the down side, since I'm doing a comic with a similar theme I don't feel comfortable reading it. I don't want to inadvertantly lift ideas. I seems to be going strong so I'll zip in every couple of months to get a big dose.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Comic 20060618

Redone old comic. One I had done in the original series of cardboard sketches .

I was planning on doing this for an off day update, but I got stuck with both of the comics I wanted to get done so I redrew, inked, and colored this today (saturday). It was fairly easy to work on figures that aren't supposed to look like particular characters. I'm having more fun seperating things into layers. I had about 8 or 9 in this one.

I plan on delving more into cthulhu's work and home life in the fall, some of it will involve 'the big story'. Some arcs I hope to farm out to artists, but so far I haven't looked too hard.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


When I first started through the application process at Comic Genesis I went ahead and picked up the domain name cutethulhu.com. If I decided to keep on with the comic I would go ahead and have it resolve to CG and if not I would archive what I had done and build some sort of horror .. something. Just today (at least for me) www.cutethulhu.com is now pointing to my Comic Genesis account. It looks like there will be a few rough weeks ahead in the way of updates but I'm keeping on with it for the forseeable future

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Comic 20060602

Not as naughty as it c(sh)ould have been. The Woman in Red and Crowley are the first secondary characters to be in two arcs.

When I was first thinking about The Wickedest Snowman in the World I had the idea of somebody carrying the enchanted snow head around in a cooler. It was a bit much to use one of the main characters so soon for that. I didn't want Crowley confusing the already slight character developement in the main characters .. so I came up with the Woman in Red. My wife suggested she reappear and have something to do with the end of the current arc also. So she is now the 'mystery woman' with the 'unknown agenda'.

Right now I'm working on a postdated issues that I'm going to color and such, then depending on my time I'll have the next arc started next sunday.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Comic 20060601

Two updates in a row. I can say my quick sketches are better or quicker than they were. Once I get this rush of things out I'll definately start finishing a few or at least sit down and put more detail into the sketches.

I found out today I'm going to the doctor on monday to see about my arm, I've something going on with my elbow on my 'flinging arm' MST3K shout out. It does hurt at times when i draw or write. It isn't debilitatin pain, but it isn't getting better on its own and I may have to take a break from things to let it heal... but the comic is the least of my activities so i feel pretty sure about keeping it going .. 'doctor doctor ! it only hurts when I draw bad webcomics'

Comic 20060530

Just Sarah. Another line only comic with script. I have two more episodes for this bit and I think they are both drawn, so I hope to post them by or on sunday. Then I have one more post-dated comic to post during the week then next sunday will start the 'Secret Garden' story.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Comic 20060318

Mary Wu was a NPC character I had in a CoC game many years ago. That particular cycle of game wasn't really finished and she fit in very well with some of the things I was going to do in the comic. So here is Granny Mary.

There are many interesting things about her that only time will reveal.

published out of sequence.

Anybody looking to finish this page up ...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Comic 20060530

True to word another rough sketch comic. I do think I will finish out this arc this way and a couple retro-active fillers also. I'm including the script to practice doing them and to clarify any hand written text. I usually draw and redraw roughs until I have the dialog and action right. Making a real script is different for me. Two more episodes, one during the week and the last most likely on friday then it is on to the next one with the working title 'secret garden'.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Comic 20060529

. No Time. I expect there will be good deal of this in the coming months. Things will be at the bare minumum for a while. There are 2 or 3 more episodes in this arc. I will more than likely set them all in this week as drafts w/ scripts (I already have the thumbnails done.) Anybody wanting to work on this episode or future arcs in general can contact me at milleripublishing -at- yahoo.com.

Right now since my own art is not that good I've decided to keep the story paced and the narritive as clear as possible instead of mucking around for hours on end trying to get things to look a /little/ better. I will still be working to get 'finished' episodes done but this is all I have time for right now.

Moved in the archive.

Tagboard and Behind

I installed a tagboard on Cutethulhu on the Main Page. I wasn't going to do this so as not to compromise the false 4th wall I'm trying to build, but conventional wisdom says otherwise so I'll give it a shot.

I also had very little time to work on the comic this week and might not get much of a chance in the coming week. We are planting tomatoes, wiring houses, stocking shelves and mowing lawns alot this week. So I decided that I will place the roughs and scripts up. It will get the story across and give anyone who is interested in drawing at the comic (see Looking For Artists) kind of a look at with what they would be working.

The next concentrated project will be to get the character pages worked up some more. It would definately be a must for having other artists work on my comic to see what the people in the comic sort of look like.