Thursday, September 21, 2006

20060921 Website Updates

Well, it has been a hectic bunch of days and it will more than likely be this way until after Christmas. Had two craft shows over the weekend. Then, Monday afternoon our dog passed away. We are looking for another puppy or dog and it is taking up a lot of the little comic time I have. What we are looking for is something particular, a breed or animal that will fill a lot of particular roles. It will take a bit of searching and training to get what we want.

Anyways, The point of this post is I've updated Characters a bit; adding Mabel and Roland to the roster. I drew sketches for both at one of the craft shows I tended a table for over the weekend. I finally had a bit of time to scan and Mabel a bit.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

failed plans

Another incredibly busy week leaves me with another update that is going to be late. My wife is a crafter and I'm helping with a show over the weekend. I was hoping to find some time to sketch something that hope was misplaced. We got back from our shows and I had to dash off and do some wiring for a couple hours. I'm bone weary right now. It is a struggle to get through this post.

I'll try to do something tomorrow and update. It may only be a character page update or some other site design thing. I doubt I'll get more of a comic done tomorrow than I did today.

One thing I'm working on is a script and layout thumbnails for a small series I hope to get done in the spring. I'm paying a little more attention to the script because I hope to coerce somebody else into drawing it for me. The story is sort of a stand alone, with Roland and a few secondary characters. It will be straight horror stuff.

I do have a real world time table for wanting to get through my story. Even if I can't meet that schedule I will post date to submit things to meet that schedule and try to contract people in some way to help draw things.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Comic 20060914

Angel. I will regret not saving this for the regular sunday update. I had the desire to color this and I made clouds. I think this what is called foreshadowing. and if it is unclear, the angent of God shat on her head.

The generic quote for this was going to be 'Who sez angels don't fly' but wasn't where I got the idea for this for those of you who might recognize it. does that quote date me? I'm not sure.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Comic 20060910

My Bodyguard has a little bit of action. The 'pain is weakness leaving the body' was something that came to me some time ago and I'm glad I remembered it and had a way to use it. To put the phrase in context it is often used by athletes when doing their thing and generally focuses on mentally overcoming fatigue pains and exhaustion. I also relate it with military training.

The art is sucky for this. I haven't really done anything this bad in a while. I was sick most of last week and was trying a different way to construct the image from scanning to final product. The process worked except that I really rushed through it.

This was uploaded late, about 9 hours after the regular sunday update deadline.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

General Update

Illness has struck me. It is the head cold. The 'having children in grade school first week of school' sickness that we go through every year. I'm taking a few medications which are confounding my meager brain powers. I'm hoping to have my weekly update done sometime sunday. This will be the first time I've missed a update on the automatic saturday/midnight script. except for the one I missdated .. and the one I forgot to upload. I had an idea for a simple comic that would foot the bill, but I realized it was more involved than I thought at first. So tonight I uploaded Dress code which fits in the archive at the end of August.

I hope I'll get something put together sometime tomorrow; in between medications and a picnic. Working on this sort of drawing in the company of others is socially a little risky so I can't work on anything /at/ the picnic.

Comic 20060829

Dress Code This comic was done fairly quickly. I have a few first week of school things thought out, but not much time to draw them. The comic seems to be falling more and more ont Sarah recently. She is the easiest to draw in some ways, and the easiest on the eyes.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Comic 20060903

Removal is another crass comic. Well this was done sort of on the fly, I had a little less time than usual to do the art, which made deciding what to draw difficult. So I picked out something fairly basic in my small stock of gag-a-day type scripts. Then I drew like the wind.

This is a straight scanned 4b 9mm mechanical pencil with graytones in the GIMP. I wanted to do some white highlights on Mrs. Wu's shirt but I ran out of time. Next time I'll scan it a bit darker. The lighter lines made darker shades look a little off. If i was better with that end of things it wouldn't have mattered as much the gray 'coloring' would have been enough.